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A Word From MOMM — March 2010

Dear March Madness Junkies,

With The tournament just around the corner it's time to say a farewell to all of you. MOMM will no longer handle tourney central. It's time for me to watch the games, make picks, cross my fingers and try to be Caesar for the first time.

I'm sure that Kara will make the tourney run smoothly, and every thing will be the same as always.

I look forward to just making sure my picks are in on time. Enjoy the tourney.

I also look forward your trash talk and bragging. Now I can join you with my comments.

It's been fun, but time for a younger person to take over the title. Good luck Kara and thanks for offering to be the new MOMM.


From Kara: I would like to point out that I am not the new MOMM. That title will always be P's! I'm just your web admin :)