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DRIVER:      Colin Purcell 

HOMETOWN:     Davenport,Iowa

BIRTH DATE:     4/8/97


-2002 - Helped Dad build 1st Kart on 1950ís Race Chassis 

-2003 - Wore out the grass driving the Kart in the back yard 

-2003 - Learned to ride quad & dirt bike 

-2004 - Joined Tri City Motorcycle Club & started driving Kart & Quad on dirt track



2005 GOALS: 

-Practice and race weekly at Sprint Kart Speedway, Mt. Joy, IA.

-Race a few races at other Midwest tracks after mid point of season.


TEAM MANAGER:  Mom Ė responsible for:

-Safety Inspections

-Scheduling & Navigation

-Lap Time Keeper

-Team Nutrition (makes sure we eat)


CREW CHIEF:       Dad

*Colinís 10 years old. We want to go racing, do our best, have fun as a family, and look professional doing it.



CHASSIS:             Margay

ENGINE:                     Briggs & Stratton, 5HP

Badge:                            Red/Yellow 77            






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