GT Paint Job

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webphoto-1.jpg (44239 bytes)Setting at Prestige Auto Body in Bettendorf, IA.

webphoto-2.jpg (35576 bytes)Setting at the body shop door.

webphoto-3.jpg (37830 bytes)The engine is out getting a little chrome added. That won't make it go any faster, but it will look good.

webphoto-4.jpg (37169 bytes)Stress crack repair.

webphoto-5.jpg (35198 bytes)Stress crack repair.

webphoto-6.jpg (41365 bytes)It look's better already.

webphoto-7.jpg (38837 bytes)While the windshield was out they fixed some bad places on the dash and repainted it.

webphoto-11.jpg (43656 bytes)The notch in the front of the engine compartment was widened for future Weber carburetors.

webphoto-8.jpg (38922 bytes)The black stripes were replaced.

webphoto-9.jpg (41744 bytes)The Glass Man replacing the windshield and rear window.

webphoto-10.jpg (69717 bytes)Ready to be loaded back into the trailer for the trip home.

webphoto-12.jpg (74110 bytes)The outside is about ready, but still no engine. That's why it sets a little high in back.

webphoto-13.jpg (71327 bytes)I pushed it out to see it in the sun light.

webphoto-14.jpg (72525 bytes)A beautiful Sunday afternoon, and I don't have an engine ;-(

webphoto-15.jpg (63814 bytes)I added about 50sqft of "B-Quiet Ultimate" sound proofing from


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