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 The Madame of March Madness (MOMM)
and me

This competition is meant for the non-profit entertainment of a closed group of basketball friends and is not open to the general public.

Rules and Stuff

Here is how the tourney works.

1.      Prior to the start of the tournament, we need:   (Pick Final Four)

a.   The names of the four teams that you think will make it to the Final Four.

b.   The name of the team that you think will win the championship.

c.   The combined scores of both teams in the championship game.

2.    Your picks for each round must be in prior to the start of that roundís games.   (Pick This Round)
As soon as all picks have been received, they will be posted on this web site. At the end of each round, we will compile and post the standings. You may want to check the standing for accuracy. We have never found an undetected error in the system, but it could happen.  :)

  3.     You will get one point for picking the winning team in each game.

  4.     You will get one point for each of your teams that made it to the Final Four. (1.a.)

  5.     You will get one point for picking the correct championship team. (1.b.)

  6.     If there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be one point for coming the closest to the combined scores of both teams in the championship game. (1.c.) If there is still a tie, then it will be the one that had the most correct first round picks. If it is still tied then the one that had the most correct second round picks, third row, fourth row, etc. If there is still a tie then we will do Rock-Paper-Scissors as the final resolve.

  7.     The final four picks (1.a.b.c.) will not be published until just prior to the championship game.   MOMM won't even know what they are.  

  8.   There will be no point given for the  first game of the tournament on Tuesday. We will consider the winner as the 16 seed in that bracket and go on from there.

 The tournament winner will be known as "Caesar Emperor God of NCAA Basketball" and will receive "The Plaque" and all associated bragging rights for the next year.  The last place player will receive "The Mimzie Plaque" and all of the - - - - that goes with it for the next year.


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